What’s next?

11 junio 2010

As I promised to some people who do not speak Spanish I am writing my first blog post in English.

We are in a changing world in which even those ideas that were already confirmed are questioned again. Nevertheless, it seems that some advances are understood by everyone and there is no turning back. For example, slavery was abolished in the US in 1865, women were able to vote in the US since 1920 and Human Rights Declaration was adopted by the UN in 1948. This new rights had been ignored for centuries but after an extreme effort by their supporters now are accepted by almost every nation in the world. They are part of the progress of the world and human beings.

The question for today is: What’s next? What new ideas or rights could appear in the following years? If they are related to progress and justice, can we try to identify them as soon as possible?

Who knows? We can try to figure out what is the route to improve these human (or not only human) Rights. Probably this is part of the world development and time is needed to know what is going to happen and what people will take for granted in one century time.